Face Photo Tips

First of all, select the photo with your best-loved face expression!

  • It usually means with smiling is great!
  • That said, if you don't like your face photo, it's also difficult for us to make face drawing successful.
  • We can thin out your nose, cheeks and the jaw, but we can not change your face expression. For example, add smiles, add screaming...etc.

Second, make sure it's drawable for the face likeness

Check your face photo:

  • Zoom in the selected photo to check the face is in a size larger than the above display frame, and we can see your eye balls.
  • No blurring, and the lighting/hair/hat doesn't obscure important facial features including eyes, nose, mouth, smiling lines, jawline and skin color.
  • Front shot or 1/3 turn view, so it is mostly how you look like in you and your friend's eyes.