• Why you should print the artwork yourself?

    In the Internet era, there are already many professional online print shops. You can also find a local print shop nearby, and choose your favorite paper, frame or even to print the artwork on mug, glass and t-shirt. We believe it will be much faster, cheaper and better.

    If you want to print it before purchase, please feel free to download the high-resolution files from Sample for printing test.

  • Do you provide bulk order discount?

    Yes. We do provide bulk order discount. It is calculated automatically by our server,

    1. Please simply go to here
    2. Answer the question, then

    You will get the price instantly.

  • I want separate drawn Head & Bust drawings, should I create another orders, or can you just do them and charge me in the current order?

    Our system is one drawing per order. There are 2 methods to get what you want:

    1. Select multiple subjects in a single order, and ask to draw them separately

    You will get something like this, and you have to crop them yourself.

    We'll treat it as general group caricature.

    2. Place separated orders
  • I approved an order recently and have just noticed something is not quite right, can you still change this or should I start over and do it all again?

    It's possible something's wrong but not found due to the online proof size.

    In that case, iCartoon.me guarantees to fix it for you.