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Of course, you need to have some photos. For face photo, we strongly suggest you to choose your best loved face expression photo, this is why smiling is always great!

Also, you can have some reference photos to describe the background, house, or car ..etc.

Please see the following real examples from our past orders.

An example to demonstrate how our caricature artist turn the instruction into perfect caricature gift

Please can I have the lady in the photo, dressed like Alice in Wonderland sitting at a Mad Hatters Tea party table drinking a cup of tea.
lady dressed like Alice in Wonderland sitting at a Mad Hatters Tea party table drinking a cup of tea
This is the artwork drawn from the instruction

An instruction example to demonstrate how to turn your story into caricature

I want my body wearing a black pinstripe suit with a red tie, riding on the wall street bull, down wall street, knocking over a street full of bears, with a wake of $100 dollar bills in the wake. The expression on my face should be similar to a person riding a bull at full tilt. There should be details in the sky scrapers, and body parts of the bears behind the bull. In the picture the bull should be in the immediate foreground lower right, the bulls head pointed down and tilted right a little more exaggerated to the photo with the right horn impacting a rearing bear.
wall street bull beating bears
This is the artwork drawn from the instruction

Another instruction example to demonstrate caricature online for Christmas Card and Family caricature

Hi - we are after a scene we can use as a family xmas card for 2013. We would like some words that say: Happy Xmas! and maybe some xmas stuff in the corners/edges - like holly, or something you can suggest. and we would like the family to be positioned to suggest the Sydney Opera House and Bridge - since we live in Sydney. Could we have;
Steve (me, the dad) holding a ukulele
Jen (mum) singing..
Dylan (blonde kid) - holding lego
Cole (dark hair kid) - holding a cricket bat
Clothes should be summer clothes. Tees and shorts. A Skirt and top for Jen.
Happy Christmas Card - Family caricature
This is the artwork drawn from the instruction

Another instruction example to demonstrate how to turn your story into caricature

Original instruction

I would like the background to be a farm with cows,tractor,corn field. I would like there to be a road like a movie strip the blocks labeled 1 - 11 as he was on our team 11 years.
I would like Scott to be wearing a set of overalls with a suit under (if possible) and headphones (small ones as he likes to listen to movies on computer)
Capability Storyteller and College SME Scott Hobart - overarching Title Within the picture can you put these words maybe as road signs: WOO, Communicator, Storyteller, Friend, Instructor, Movie Clips
Background Notes on Scott to help make personal:
He has a big family - wife and 5 kids he is religious
he loves to talk and tell stories most about his kids or the farm as he was raised on a farm. He has been a trainer for 11 years and is a storyteller,
If you can please let me know if you need anything else to make this special

Revision Request

I apologize for the delay in response. You are very creative and I love the image. I had a co-worker review and I have a few changes I hope you can implement. Two Changes: Can you take the works on the signs and put them under the numbers in the movie strip. To replace the works in the signs I have some Logos/Images I would like to input. Where do I send those?
Thank you and again I love the creativity
retirement caricature gift
This is the artwork drawn from the instruction

Why us? provides online express cartoon caricature service.

Time is the barrier in online handmade artwork service, it causes expensive price and exercise buyer's patience. In we eliminate the time spent on non-artwork related activities. Our online ordering service connects the buyer and the artist. When the artwork order is placed, it is brought to the assigned artist immediately, and once it is completed the buyer can preview the online proof immediately to decide whether to accept it or ask for revision on the internet.

All the talented and professional artists are hired and trained to keep both time and quality in mind while designing the unique carticature cartoon for you.

We also believe if our cartoon caricature doesn't have a good face likeness, it is only a meaningless cartoon for you. So "face likeness" is one of our core design rules in our artwork service.

With our effective online ordering service and professional design skills, you will get impressed cartoon caricature just like using a converter to turn your photos to cartoon without losing quality.

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