About us

iCartoon.me is created by Tacol Technology Ltd., which is a Taiwan based company with innovative design creative and Internet technology.

Why us?

iCartoon.me provides online express cartoon caricature service.

Time is the barrier in online handmade artwork service, it causes expensive price and exercise buyer's patience. In iCartoon.me we eliminate the time spent on non-artwork related activities. Our online ordering service connects the buyer and the artist. When the artwork order is placed, it is brought to the assigned artist immediately, and vice versa once it is completed the artwork sample preview access will be delivered to the buyer, so the buyer can preview the sample to decide whether to accept it or ask for revision on the internet.

All the talented and professional artists keep both time and quality in mind while designing the unique carticature cartoon for you.

We also believe if our cartoon caricature doesn't have a good likeness, it would just be a meaningless cartoon for you. So "likeness" is one of our core design rules in our artwork service.

With our effective online ordering service and professional design skills, you will get impressed cartoon caricature just like using a converter to turn your photos to cartoon without losing quality.